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Chimera Innovations is a strategically-thinking team of highly experienced and skilled professionals with their own finely-tuned areas of expertise. Creativity and personality is paramount within our company culture and is demonstrated continuously through the proud work that we craft for our clients. We are passionate about turning ideas into a reality and conveying a compelling message through strategy, software creation, brand development, graphic design, web design, advertising, and storytelling.

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You are dedicated to running your company with the greatest results and efficiency, so there are just some things that you need to have the very best professionals for. We are masters of our fields and this is why Chimera Innovations is a leading IT, digital solutions, and marketing agency for businesses. Here are just a few of the services that we provide.

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Chimera CoLo

Cloud Enable File Server Chimera CoLo lets you create a completely on-premise sync and share solution with your existing file server. Use File Server as Private Cloud Storage. Leverage Existing Identities. Maintain existing access controls. Access file server with any device from any location.

Hybrid Cloud File Server Migrate existing file shares and permissions to cloud storage. Retire your file server or keep it running as a local gateway with caching for offline access.

  • File Server Cloud Storage Integration.
  • Offline Access.
  • Disaster Recovery.

VPN Replacement Chimera CoLo provides fast, remote access to file server content without a VPN. Remote access for mobile devices. Use existing identity and permissions. Faster and more efficient than VPN. Take the next step in optimizing your business and creating a greater efficiency with your file management and storage. Experience the difference that Chimera CoLo can make by speaking with us today about our innovative hybrid storage solution that business owners and IT professionals trust.

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Chimera Innovations presents one of our newest and most advantageous products to hit the market. This leading-edge service has become a significant growing player in the digital storage market for business and personal use.